• Cement Industry
  • Cement Pipe Industry
  • Earth Moving
  • Electric Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Hydro Power Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Mining & Minerals Industry
  • Pump Industry
  • Valve Industry


  • Installed Production Capacity 1300 MT/Annum
  • Current Production 700-750 MT/Annum
  • Maximum Casting Size as costumer required
  • Capable to Produce Casting Weight 0.050Gm to 6000.00 Kg Per Piece


Pattern Shop

  • Pattern shop: Inhouse pattern shop with full time pattern maker.
  • Machines: 6nos of lathes, Drill machine and all instruments for wood and alluminium work.
  • Benefits: High production patterns will be mounted on match plate for manufacture quality assured castings.

Design Department with CAD/CAM Facility

Sand Moulding

  • Sand Moulding: Semi automatic Moulding line and hand mould for nobake and CO2 moulding process.
  • Process time: 36hours.
  • Production: Castings in high volume and heavy weighted upto 6000 Kgs. Single Piece.


  • Control panel: 2nos of control panel 1000kw and 350kw. Both can run at a time simultaneously.
  • Crucible: 3nos of crucibles 6000kg, 1000kg and 300kg.


  • Ladles: Different size of tspout and bottom pouring ladles from 50kg to 6000kg.
  • Pouring: Metal is poured both the way by crane.


  • Cutting: Stainless cutting by 2-nos of DC rectifiers. Mild steel cutting by Oxy-LPG.
  • Heavy Grinding: 5 nos. of Swing grinder and 1 no 5 HP bench grinder.
  • Medium grinding: 5 nos. of Flexibe shaft grinders.
  • Shot Blasting: Table type shotblasting machine 72".


  • VTL: 1 no. 1800mm dia.
  • Manual Lathe: 2 no. center height 24” * 36"
  • Keyaway Machine: 1 no.
  • Drill Machine: 2 no.
  • Welding Machine: 2 no.


  • inspection: As per customer requirement.